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xfrancesca [userpic]

you may be a sinner, but i ain't yet had the opportunity...

January 26th, 2008 (04:20 am)

I resisted the urge to get myself a new LiveJournal and stuck with this bad boy. It's been about 2 years since I actually used it, but after lots of contact with the LJ Forgotten Password Office I'm ready to rant. And it's bloody brilliant. Not sure what the aim of the game is this time around; it would seem 2 years ago all I spoke about was work, a whole array of young gentlemen (none of which I remain in contact with I might add), and people I didn't like.

Perhaps I'll shake it up a bit.
But I probably wont.

The inspiration for making friends with a blog again was, sadly, Heath Ledger's death. I won't try and lie; it's fucking heartbreaking. None of my chums are too bothered. The boyfriend asked me who he was and my Mum tried to change the subject one billion times before she tuned out of our conversation. Basically, I'm upset. I dunno why. It's not like I was a Ledger fangirl. I just really liked the person he appeared to be. And more than anything, I thought he was a tremendous actor. I'll overlook 10 Things I Hate About You and A Knight's Tale, as hey! We all make mistakes. Apparently Heath Ledger did too. 10 Things is bloody excellent for a wine and ice-cream night though. Can't fault it for that.

But Brokeback Mountain.

Good grief, that film had me all shook up and heartbroken. It is beautiful. Everything about it is magnificent. Including Ledger. Especially Ledger. So it riles me that now, after he passed way at the age of 28 leaving behind a baby daughter and a broken family, do the media decide that now, actually, it might be time to start slagging off that film again. Oh, you know the one, the one that had those gay cowboys in it. Dicks.

Seriously, it's disgusting. The things these people say and do in the face of tragedy is completely baffling. What do they expect to gain? Those that loved Ledger to turn around and go "Oh yeah you're right come to think of it, fuck him, he's going to hell." Not only are their ideas old-fashioned and homophobic, but they are being utterly disrespectful and cruel. John Gibson, the new President of the Homophobe Party, is the latest prick to grace us with his ridiculous opinions on Ledger and Brokeback.


This man has no dignity, no grace, no compassion. Who the hell does he think he is? Ledger's talent can't be compared to men like this, men who use their version of the "news" to subject audiences to their own, horrendous opinions. It's low. It's lower than low can be. Heath Ledger will be remembered for the great things he did with his life and his talent; men like Gibson simply won't be remembered.

I still don't really know why Ledger's death has been on my mind so much and why it's apparently made this big impact on me. It's weird, but I know I'm not alone in that, even if my friends don't get it. The Dark Knight is going to be strange as fuck to watch. I'll probably cry. Hell, I'll probably sob. I'm biding my time until I watch Brokeback again, I will need some serious back-up. A Kleenex factory would suffice.

Sleep soundly, Heath Ledger. 1979-2008.

{icons by loupiotte :)}

xfrancesca [userpic]

(no subject)

December 20th, 2005 (08:11 pm)
current mood: weird
current song: Otto's Journey - Mylo (ha)

i liked this so i stole it. tee hee... ;-)

Where do you live: Parting Gift

Describe your first love: Sway

What is your favourite thing to do: Red Rain

Describe your current love/crush: Grazed Knees

What do you like to wear: Just a Day

* What is your challenge: Compliments

Who are your friends: Make Yourself

*Describe how you look: I Don't Know

What did you do last night: Boys Don't Cry

*What is your goal in life: Suck My Kiss

What do you do when you're angry: Reverence

When do you have sex: I'm in Love with a German Film Star

How do you want to die: Better Together

*What do you say to your parents: Go

Where do you hang out: One Step Too Far

* What do you think of society: Narcissist

* Describe your most recent heartbreak: If I Could

* (err, perhaps?!) What is your excuse for everything: Where Have You Been?

* What are your thoughts on a Friday evening: Play

What is your unanswered question about life: Time is Running Out (ha..how fitting)

What is your favourite colour: Auf Achse

What is your advice to the those less experienced: Promises

What would you rather do right now: Cold Day in the Sun

Describe your best friend: Misfit: The Horizon Has Been Defeated

* What's under your bed: Fearless (definitely have to be to go down there)

What is your most prized possession: In Your Honour

Where will you honeymoon: When It Comes

* What is on your to-do list: Passive Manipulation

*Where would you rather be: Otto's Journey

that was quite enjoyable. im thinking a long ranty post is in order now. tee hee. be forewarned. :-)

xfrancesca [userpic]


November 12th, 2005 (06:32 pm)
current mood: irritated
current song: Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

I was looking through some of my old LJ entries and realised just how much fun having an LJ to vent in was...except everytime I type LJ, I think of my evil-pixie-esque Duty Manager. Which anybody will tell you, isn't a good thing.
But yes, it's been a whole long while since I've posted. Reading Kell's constant Robbie-fangirl entries has made me want to start using mine again...especially when I need to vent. Which I seem to always need to do at the minute.

Tony officially does my head in sometimes. He can be really understanding one minute, and then blow me off for the fucking football the next. OK, I get it's a typical bloke thing, but puh-lease. He seemed fine chatting to me for like half hour, and then as soon as Ross appears, its like 'oh see you later, have a good night' in a really sarcastic sort of way. That really makes me want to punch him. Grr.

Haven't heard from Hottie Martin today unfortunately...although he's had work from like 8-12, and then 5-10 I think. He's lovely. I hate the fact that I find him so damn attractive. We've been texting each other every day since Sunday, except Tuesday cos I was working and he went to Pantiles, resulting in two of his best mates getting punched. Sounds fantastic...why is it all the guys I've been going for recently (except fuckface Josh, but I'll get onto him in a minute) have been totally not my sort of type. Whatever happened to my nice surfer/indie boi phase? I seem to be going for like complete opposites to me, which is strange. Although trying to educate Tony on music last night was bloody funny...the word clueless has never been more appropriate.

I'm sensing that I'm in one of those really annoying, sarcastic and patronising moods today. I can sort of see why Technician Andy was getting in a mood with me. Although he accused me of 'not caring/not giving a shit' that he's leaving on the 8th. I think the fact that I burst into tears when he only told me he had a job interview might've given that one away slightly. Then he said Adam was my favourite. Well d'uh. Adam always has been one of them, and now everybody's dropping like flies at work, there's not really many to choose from.

Me, Adam & Andy are close, which is great - and it's crap that people do, but everyone has their favourites. I mean, Adam and Andy are two of the only people I'd want to keep in touch with when we've all left work. We hang out now, and make an effort to see each other outside of work, like going to break Adam's golf clubs at the driving range, or pissing ourselves when it takes him 15 shots to make one hole on the golf course. It's just fun. I adore them both, but it's like I said to Andy - I don't work in such close proximity with Mister P, so I'm bound to love seeing him more, on the rare occasion that I do at work! I'm now rambling about my adoration for Adam, which is never good. People always tend to get pissed off when I do that.

Silver lining however...the Josh thing finally seems resolved. I can stand to be around him and Kat, I can listen to Death Cab and Ryan Adams without becoming a bit pained and switching it off. And I also think that if I went to go watch The O.C for the first time since we had our 'break-up' (pfft! lol) then I could manage it. So immense progress on that front. Perhaps the fact that I have new crushes helps too...I even moved away from him in English to sit next to Martin. Which is bizarre, seeing as Josh suggested one of us move yonks ago, and I couldn't stand the idea. But then again, Martin is lovely, and is definitely the new crush...which is maybe a bad thing! Josh is sorted though, for the moment. I don't regret what happened, but those few weeks were so surreal, feels like it never even happened now. Which is a shame, cos it was mucho fun...and I sort of miss him. Although I told him straight out that we were never really friends first, and I doubted that we would ever be close. We used to chat for hours on the phone pretty much every night, but the conversation always got round to our relationship. What are we supposed to talk about now? His sex life? Or perhaps my lil thing for Martin, which he gets so fucking tense about - he always tells me to go for it, and that there's something there. Hypocrite. He was the one who had the girlfriend!

Anyway, check out that post! I'm going to take a deep breath, count to ten and calm down. Perhaps go be girly, eat some crap food, and await Chico singing Hero on X-Factor. My Satday night sure is rocking! Damn Jamie & Charlie, at the Paddingtons gig (*sends out evil death stares* tee hee). I could even go the gazillions of coursework that I have to do...hmm, debatable. :)

Expect equally venty post once X-Factor has finished, and I'm done gawping over Journey South. :-)

xfrancesca [userpic]

(no subject)

April 29th, 2005 (10:13 pm)
current mood: frustrated
current song: Gwen Stefani - Danger Zone

All guys are officially fucktards.

I refuse to ever feel anything for any of them again, except Adam Brody, Mark Hoppus, Brandon Boyd, Billie Joe, Kelly Jones...OK that's quite a long list that could be never ending once I get going. Ha.

They suck. All after one thing (as if that's some big surprise). I might do a Marissa, lol. Kim would kill me.

I actually cannot wait to leave this place...am having one of those 'I hate everything' days now. Was OK earlier cos I was half-stoned and the effects stayed with me for like the rest of the day, lol. Bring on next September!

xfrancesca [userpic]

(no subject)

April 28th, 2005 (11:23 am)
current mood: weird
current song: Queens of the Stone Age - I Never Came

Haven't updated in absolutely ages. Haven't really had time, and had way too much to say to fit it all in! Shitloads has happened since the last time I actually posted. Am doing this at college, seeing as my shitty computer at home completely died on me. Is a pain in the arse.

Anyway, moving on from the uber-boring stuff, I dont really know where to start with what to say...Reading line-up announced. Is uber cool. Incubus!, Foos, QOTSA, FFAF, My Chemical Romance, The Killers...Jimmy Eat World...is gonna be an awesome weekend. Gonna get completely wrecked, I actually can't wait. Roll on August!!

Am feeling kinda weird today, woke up and was all cranky trying to get stuff ready for Kims and decided to wear some shit clothes cos all my others are either in my suitcase (yes you heard me right - suitcase, ha) or in the wash. Is fucking me off. So I look rough, and cant be arsed. Lesson was cancelled, so I have nothing again til last. and Kim isn't here. *glares*. She said she would be. Hmm. Apart from that though, am looking forward to the weekend - Kim's house for 5 days. God knows how we're both gonna cope ;p Although she's leaving me tomoro to work 9pm - 5am. Fucking chimp. Ha. Think I'm staying round Pete's, but not sure. Oh yeah, because that's such a terrific idea. I must've been having a completely brain block when I thought that genius idea up. Things to do with Pete always end well don't they. Hm. Oh well, might as well go over, see what happens. That's what I did last time, and shock horror - it was actually FUN. Blimey. He seems kinda weird now though, since he's got back off holiday he's all like 'mehmehmeh, i dont wanna be here. mehmehmeh im stuck in a rut.' So get yourself out of it then. Yes, it'll be difficult, but god - go out, get another job, move on, move country - whatever. Jus stop the whining. Am fed up of everybody being so serious and bleurgh at the minute. Is getting me down.

Still haven't seen The Rainy Day Women. Which is upsetting me. Cos..helloo...THEY KISS!! And I so badly wanna see it. Some girl next to me in the Dell was googling Adam Brody pictures & she found this GORGEOUS picture of the Seth/Summer/Spidey kiss...ohmigod!! It looks soooo good. There's rain! And he's upside down!!! Damn work...they made me miss it. Speaking of, gotta go there later. And get from there to Yateley with my suitcase. Which Adam will laugh when he sees, guarenteed.

Anyway I have a nasty habit of rambling on when I get started, as poor Kell will know from hotmail experience (sorry for the email today honey, thats what you get for texting me when I'm on the cusp of being absolutely broke ;) Took one of Kim's test things on her LJ today - apparently I'm going to die from being poisoned. That's uplifting isn't it.

xfrancesca [userpic]

Roll on 7....!

March 21st, 2005 (05:46 pm)
current mood: bouncy
current song: South - Paint The Silence

Reading line-up announced tonight! 7pm. Just before college parents evening. Oh yes. Because that's always fun. Although should be quite good, my exam results were good...and I got my mark for my film studies portfolio. A!! I'm so happy with that. It could change, but that's her mark for me. But I'm happy with it. I worked my arse off for that piece of coursework!!

Pretty good day today, took photos of all the crew for photography and they came out well; so for once I'm actually not behind. Check me out.

Pete text me randomly today. Which was cool. And he was actully sober. & text me first. Progress is being made me thinks. Although who knows. Not gonna dwell on things to do with the love life...it brings up way too many questions.

Staff party Thursday. Me & Lau were trying to figure out what the hell to do about after, but we didn't really get very far. It all pretty much falls on Chelsey and Adam, but I know that they have somewhere to go after if all else fails. Should be a laugh though with all us girlies. Jade will be hysterical again. And Fi's going. So yey! Hopefully will be good. (Yeah, even if Pete doesn't go ;)

Did I mention that the Reading line-up is being announced in..ohhh...bout 1hour and 20 minutes. EXCITEMENT! *prays for the Killers*

I am stuck in an O.C craze. I made yet more fun lil icons. Cos it's cool.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm an O.C geek. It's official.

So yeah, good day today. Am feeling rather happy & smiley! *dances*

xfrancesca [userpic]


March 20th, 2005 (07:35 pm)
current mood: bored
current song: Ryan Adams - Wonderwall

Am so bored. So bored I randomly made a whole bunch of O.C icons. Yes. Bored. I feel like venting so will do that later. Firstly:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Expect long, venty post. Maybe later. When I can be arsed.

xfrancesca [userpic]


March 19th, 2005 (11:47 am)
current mood: excited
current song: Stereophonics - Pedalpusher

Got my Reading ticket!! *dances*

I. Can't. Wait. Am so glad I got it. Cost a fortune, but hopefully it's all gonna be worth it. It better be!!

I got the ticket from aloud.com - never used them before, so they best not fuck it up, otherwise I'm *not* gonna be a happy bunny.

But still....READING!!!!! Can't wait to see what the line-up is on Monday.


Haven't posted in a while, lotsa stuff has been going on. Will post about it when I get over the Festie excitement...


xfrancesca [userpic]

(no subject)

March 12th, 2005 (07:44 pm)
current mood: weird
current song: blink 182

Chelsey's gathering tonight.

Not sure what it's gonna be like.

Or whose going.

Probably won't get drunk so will be pretty boring.

Taxis are fucktards.

xfrancesca [userpic]

(no subject)

March 10th, 2005 (08:15 pm)
current mood: thoughtful
current song: Ryan Adams - Wonderwall

Made the CD, so decided to post again. Will probably be a long, rambly one as I have a lot to vent. I should either be a) doing my film essay on meaning and values in Goldfinger, or b) analysing what tone and atmosphere is created by Heathcliff's return in Wuthering Heights.

Fuck that.

So exam results were good, which means hopefully everybody will be celebrating Saturday night at Chelsey's partay. Exam results usually mean a good, long break where everybody gets to sleep off the hard work they've just put in. So it seems mean that we have to wait another two weeks before we're given that chance. And everybody still has so much coursework to do. I don't even want to be thinking about my Media production right now. *shudder*

Speaking of Saturday, it should be interesting. There's always an argument of some kind, or somebody ends up crying. Usually Sally, or one of that crew that I don't usually talk to that much. Jess' house not last time, but the time before, was rather gnarly what with the Siobhan-hitting situation and Jack and Chelsey's anger. Was rather out there. This time, I have decided not to get involved if anything remotely angsty goes down. I hope Pete goes and then I'll have somebody to turn to if and when that does happen. Chels' last party was Halloween and that ended well didn't it. And yeah, it's always fun when Pete's around, and drunk. We usually have a laugh. With *no* shagging involved, k? Lol. I think the fact we didn't is actually believed now. Hopefully.

Adam will be there of course, but I doubt I'll get a chance to talk to him or Chels seeing as they'll probably be with each other the whole night and will end up pissing somebody off. Doesn't bother me all that much yet, but it's getting to the annoying stage where she's starting to blow friends off for him, which just isn't cushty. I rung her earlier bout getting Stereophonics tickets and she seemed off on one, which i think is cos Adam is there. Oh, I dunno. As long as she doesn't ditch us, it's cool...

Speaking of Adam's, Adam (ok this could get confusing. Chelsey's boyf is Adam La'Frenais...the one I'm on about, my good mate from work - he's Mister Pitman.) has royally pissed me off. Not so much anymore, but yesterday I was really annoyed with him. The long and short of it is; his girlfriend Kirsty is jealous of us 2 being friends. Cos she thinks we're more than that. Which we obviously are not. I could talk to him about anything, we're like bloody brother & sister more than anything else. So he tells me she's jealous, I say I don't want to cause any problems and he says I wont, because she'll jus have to accept it. Seems easy, right? Never is. He comes into work Tuesday night when I'm working on bowlingo, cos he played football and Kirsty always goes to watch. He IGNORED me the entire time. Said about one sentence to me which was; Your teeth look nice. And that was when Kirsty was looking in the other direction, on the fone. I went off on one to him yesterday. I understand she's his girlfriend, but he can't go and say one thing and do another. I'm not a fan of people shunning their friends, they're the people that are always there at the end of the day. If he's not willing to show her we're friends, then why bother.

Gonna make campaign posters for Kim's Events Officer campaign tomorrow. Ha. Is gonna be funny. We're gonna make the best damn posters *ever*. Funky and glittery ones.

Watched the O.C. Jimmy LEFT! He LEFT! OK, I knew he was going to, but it was still sad when Marissa broke down on his shoulder. It was horrible when she said she hated him. What I wouldn't do for a Dad like Jimmy Cooper. I wonder what she does now he's gone. *sigh* i love Tate Donovan. Am so upset he's disappeared from the TV screens again. Will have to make do with Peter Gallagher. But even his eyebrows can't compensate.

This was mucho long and venty. Ohh well.

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